Summer Neuroscience and Chemistry Research


This summer, the Reader Project work with students who have Neuro summer student research grants, working with Dr. Craig Roberts & Dr. Nora Lad from June 11 – July 26.

We would like to pair up readers in a similar way as our semester Reader Project pairing, each student matched with a reader to get feedback.

During their 6 weeks of research, the students are working on two projects.

  1. First, they are developing an “elevator pitch” to concisely summarize and promote their topic–one version for neuroscientists and another aimed at the general public.
  2. Second, they will be completing a fully fleshed-out research poster, targeted at undergrads at same level as themselves, but with no knowledge of topic.

We would ask readers to give them feedback on both their elevator pitch and their research poster. Plus, if you are in Durham on July 26, you will be invited to the poster session and luncheon!

Readers Needed: Neurobiologists, or others (such as psychologists or biomedical engineers) with training in some area of neuroscience


This summer, the Reader Project will work with Duke students participating in the Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program.  This 10-week program runs from May 28 through August 2, and is directed by Dr. Richard MacPhail of the Duke Department of Chemistry.  Student research projects span a range of topics, from magnetic resonance imaging, to Biochemistry and Chemical Biology, to organometallic chemistry and catalysis.

Students will be presenting posters at a mini-symposium on August 2, and we would ask readers to give feedback on aspects of their presentation, including drafts of their posters, as well as an “elevator pitch” briefly describing their projects, and/or the short statement they will make summarizing their poster to attendees.
Readers Needed: Graduate degree in Chemistry and professional chemical laboratory experience.

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