PSY 496: Honors Workshop for Graduation with Distinction in Psychology

SYNOPSIS: This course is meant to provide students with a deeper understanding of the process of conducting psychological research that can only come from taking the responsibility to complete their own project successfully.

READER REQUIREMENTS: The final product will be a psychological research paper. Students will learn to: craft and pitch a research question; optimally present the project in oral form, poster form, and as a written research paper; write a research-based grant/scholarship proposal. Readers need to be familiar with writing publishable research papers, research grants or fellowship applications in psychology or neuroscience.

INSTRUCTOR SUGGESTIONS FOR READERS: This course is designed for psychology students who wish to graduate with distinction. It is meant to help students to successfully complete and communicate their honors project, to critically thing about and give feedback on important questions in psychology and neuroscience, and prepare students for graduate-level study in psychology or neuroscience. Readers should be familiar with all of the above to be able to provide students professional guidance and support.


INTRODUCTORY MEETING: Please schedule your introductory meeting as soon as possible after you have received the matching email. Find details for the introductory meeting