GLHLTH 215/GFS 220: Global Sexual and Reproductive Health

Reader requirements: Professional experience in any of the following: global health, public health, health disparities. Those with experience in sexual or reproductive health are especially encouraged.


  1. Course Information
  2. Schedule
  3. Giving Feedback

Course Information

Instructor: Dr. Megan J. Huchko, MD, MPH

Through the examination of key reproductive health issues and case studies, students will explore the ways in which gender, ethnicity, race and nationality intersect with biology, culture, wealth and political structure to result in stark disparities in health outcomes, with widespread repercussions on human rights. We will also explore the complexity of working in the field of global sexual and reproductive health and the ways in which various health and social science disciplines can be integrated in the development of effective health programs. Using examples from high, middle and low-income countries, students will identify key focus areas in sexual and reproductive health, technical and programmatic challenges, and successful interventions.

Student Writing:

What are students writing? 

  • Country Report on a country of their choice (4 pages)
  • Intervention paper (5 pages)
  • (Poster) Presentation (group project)
  • In-depth analysis of a reproductive health issue and innovative strategy to remedy

Target audience? Researchers and scholars in medicine, genetics, public health, public policy

Where would such writing typically be found? Scientific journals

Why would someone read it? Professional interest

Schedule for Student – Reader Interactions

Deadlines pertaining to the Duke Reader Project only:

An introductory meeting (between the student and their reader) should be scheduled as soon as possible after matches have been announced. This can be a brief interaction where you all tell each other a bit about yourselves.

Interaction # 1 “Country Report” by September 18, 2019

  • all following dates will be announced soon (students check with Prof. Huchko)

Syllabus for fall 2019: GlHLTH215_HUCHKO_ReproductiveHealth

Giving feedback in the Reader Project

Giving feedback is the activity around which the entire project is designed. You may have considerable professional experience giving feedback on writing — whether to colleagues, employees, or other contexts — or perhaps this is an fairly novel experience. Given the aims and nature of the Reader Project, we are hoping that our volunteers engage with student writing in a particular way–one that is quite different from what is conventionally done in other contexts. Please take a few minutes to read our Guide to Giving Feedback!