Who volunteers?

Here are just a few of the members of the Duke Community who have signed up as readers:


  • Scientist in an R&D division of a cancer diagnostics company, received PhD in human genetics from Duke; writes/edits reports on the clinical implications of mutations that are observed in a patient tumor sample.
  • Senior Associate at RTI Health Solutions (Research Triangle Park, NC), researches and writes about health outcomes in areas including oncology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, and neurology. Former postdoctoral fellow at the Duke Center for Human Genetics.
  • Medical Director, Rice Diet Center at Duke, performs clinical evaluation and care of residential patients in the Rice Diet Program.
  • NC State Epidemiologist, also served as Head of the Communicable Disease Control Branch with the NC Division of Public Health.
  • Communications director for the Department of Medicine, MA in medical journalism and focused on epidemiology of infectious diseases.
  • Entomologist, investigates whether genetically modified or otherwise novel mosquito release is a good addition to vector control, experience with sterile insect technique for agriculture and involvement in international code of conduct for mass release of beneficial insects.
  • Stem Cell Researcher, cancer stem cell research and toxicology.


  • Engineer and General Manager, joined chemical corporation as engineer; moved to marketing department; went into general management and held positions such as: VP-GM films division, President Specialty Products, President Specialty Chemicals; after retirement, helped small companies and startups.
  • CPA, 25 years’ experience in the software and technology industry, primarily dealing with the global regulatory framework surrounding international trade; familiar with global governmental and NGA/OGA regulations covering trade; free-trade agreements (NAFTA, etc.); import-export process and economics, etc.
  • Investment Banker, worked at a Wall Street firm in both the equity/stock research department and investment banking; now at small boutique investment bank specializing in healthcare and medical technology sectors.


  • Research Scientist with Dow AgroSciences, current studies are in the area of formulation chemistry which involves application of physical organic and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Analytical Chemist at Merck, working on drug development; also volunteer for National Science Foundation (as a proposal reviewer), United State Pharmacopeia, and American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, identification of structured regulatory RNAs and development of novel RNA targets for antibiotic drugs.


  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Mental Health Center of Denver, outpatient Child/Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry
  • Clinical Psychologist, interest in the impact of global actions and policies on the health and welfare of populations; particular interest in PTSD and the impact of war acts on civilians (destruction, rape, wounding, displacement, loss of community and family) and how interventions can be systematically applied to reduce the devastated mental health of these victims.
  • Clinical Psychologist in an academic setting, research focuses on post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, bullying, and dating violence, teaching in the area of child advocacy and policy, with attention to abuse and neglect and its impact on children, families and communities.
  • Director of a Psychiatric Institute, grant writing experience for self-esteem projects and healthy choice project
  • Post Doc, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Uses neuroimaging and psychophysical techniques to study the development of sensorimotor processing in children.


  • Digital Marketing and Advertising Specialist, manages the development of multiple mobile apps and websites, most recently for Delta Airlines, Volkswagen and Audi.
  • Product Management Consultant for a company that has both web-based, mobile optimized and mobile specific apps.
  • Strategy, Technology, and Innovation Team at a Management Consulting Firm, manages and leads technology focused projects that integrate and implement cutting edge technology.
  • Teacher of Technical and Scientific Writing


  • Electronics Designer in industrial controls, optical character recognition, aerospace computer design and medical device design, served as consulting design engineer in own sole proprietorship for 33 years.
  • Mechanical Engineer with International Architecture and Engineering Firm, also works as a consultant providing forensic engineering services and expert witness testimony.
  • Configuration Management Manager, oversees a team of individuals who manage the mechanical systems on multiple aircraft being used by the DoD; Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 with a specialization in Aeroelasticity.
  • Building and Construction Engineer with over 25 years of experience; specialties include mechanical engineering with emphasis at Duke on healthcare engineering.


  • Researcher, issues of environmental conflict and peacebuilding, specifically water, climate change, energy, and non-fuel minerals in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia.
  • Consultant in Stream and Wetland Restoration at NOAA, manages multiple stream and wetland restoration projects, works on all aspects of these projects including proposal, feasibility, design, permitting, construction, monitoring, and regulatory closeout.
  • Ecologist, researching whether the right types of habitat restoration of ESA listed Pacific Salmon are going in at the right places (applied aquatic ecology)
  • Environmental Consultant, assessment of wetland/stream functions and values, development of wetland mitigation plans, conducting wetland mitigation monitoring, and associated state/federal permitting support services.
  • Environmental Consultant and Former Mayor, managed restoration of freshwater rivers, streams, and wetlands, salt marshes, and uplands, driven by regulatory requirements (Clean Water Act Section 404 mitigation, Oil Pollution Act and CERCLA Natural Resource Damages compensation, River and Harbors Act, state programs).
  • Director, EDF’s Sustainable Seafood Program, educates consumers and businesses how to make better seafood choices.


  • Project Manager, Environmental Defense Fund, co-leads EDF’s on-site partnership with Wal-Mart in Bentonville, AR advancing sustainable business practices.
  • Senior Associate, Nicholas Institute, coordinates the Institute’s interactions with policymakers and stakeholders in federal climate and environmental debates.
  • Associate at Kimley-Horn, works with the Hampton Roads localities to implement the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulations; an equity research analyst who follows renewable and clean energy companies.
  • Policy Analyst at EPA, focuses on state and federal climate and energy policy, including options under the Clean Air Act and new legislation, the intersection of electric utility regulation and environmental regulation, state-level regulation of shale gas extraction, public opinion of climate policy options, renewable energy and energy efficiency policy, and public opinion of climate policy options in the U.S.
  • Scientist at Oceana, bridges the gap between science and policy, with an engineering and management background.
  • Writer and Researcher for an organization that supports migrant farmworkers, focused on food issues from agricultural and economic perspective, as well as education of farmworker children (in developing countries this is an issue of child labor).
  • Equity Research Analyst, follows renewable and clean energy companies, both in the U.S. and internationally.


  • Assistant professor at UT-Austin, sport and public policy, with a particular emphasis on public subsidization of sport projects and the ways in which sport is used to achieve public policy goals related to economic development, place marketing, social welfare, the development of policies by sport organizations (e.g., Olympics, professional sport leagues).
  • Management Consultants to Governments
  • Health Economist and Health Policy Analyst at RTI International, tasked with health policy, specifically related to mental health and substance abuse.
  • Economist in Government, with law degree, involved in basic research who could translate research into policy, in particular, immigration reform, welfare reform, family policy, policy regarding marginalized males, fatherhood policy and health care reform.
  • Retired superior court judge, State of North Carolina
  • Visiting Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai and Chairman of two mutual funds investing in Greater China, former Executive Director of the House Republican Conference, with a great deal of experience with Congressional testimony.


  • Intelligence and security analyst, advises US intelligence and security community on collaboration and information sharing through the use of Web tools.
  • Vietnam Program Coordinator, World Bank, designs World Bank strategy and program for support to Vietnam; coordinates between Washington and Hanoi and monitor implementation.
  • Lead Systems Engineer, Raytheon Network Centric Systems
  • Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State, economic affairs section of U.S. Embassy in Tokyo; outreach to parliamentarians on economic issues and advocate for regulatory reform with government officials.


  • News Producer, WXII News, NC, producer for 5pm news on NBC affiliate.
  • Senior Writer, Duke News and Communications, co-edits “This Month” at Duke and writes for a variety of campus publications.
  • Science Writer and Technology Policy Analyst, Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University–worked on cybernetic approaches to solving environmental problems and developing policy solutions, and policy analysis of government failures in science policy.
  • Managing editor for technical journals and specialty newsletters in public health, infectious diseases, and sexual/reproductive health.
  • Editorial team for Transfers, Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies, in History, Cultural Studies, Migration.


  • University Archivist at UNC Greensboro, editor for Provenance: The Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists, and a founding editor for Archival Practice, an open-access, peer-reviewed journal; primary area is in archival enterprise, also a depth of understanding about American history fields related to the repositories–20th century women’s health and fitness, women’s education, 20th century agricultural innovation, and Tennessee during the Civil War.
  • Assistant Professor of History at Georgia Gwinnett College, areas are European history, and modern military and international history, German diplomacy, public opinion, and international politics before World War I.
  • Professor of European and World History

HUMANITIES/Thesis projects

  • Director, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, University of California, responsible for funding and oversight of research programs and initiatives in the arts, humanities and social sciences for the University of California system.
  • Admin. Manager for Interdisciplinary Programs, Duke, provides oversight for interdisciplinary institutes and centers on campus
  • Full-time author of 20+ books
  • Journalism, Non-Profit Management, Social Media Marketing, Information Technology, studies broadly across the Liberal Arts, Certificates in Women’s Studies as well as a major in Philosophy; particular interest in ethics and human behavior.
  • Technical Writer for an organization that supports migrant farmworkers; food issues from agricultural and economic perspective, as well as education of farmworker children (in developing countries this is an issue of child labor)