Feedback Examples

Here are some examples of “think-aloud responses” students have received in different courses participating in the Reader Project.

These “think-aloud responses” were recorded by readers in prior courses. Each includes excerpts from a longer response to the student paper.


Economics: Book Review

  • COURSE   Writing 20: The Science of Sunscreen
  • ASSIGNMENT: Commentary
  • READER: Duke alum; internist in private practice

Computer Science: Programmer’s Manual

  • COURSE   Comp Sci: Software Design and Implementation
  • ASSIGNMENT    programmer’s manual
  • READER    Associate Dean for IT in Arts & Sciences at Duke (former)

Environmental Science: Policy Brief

  • COURSE    Env Science: Environment and Conflict
  • ASSIGNMENT    Policy Brief
  • READER    Duke alum; Former managing editor, Ecological Society of America publications

Some readers give their feedback as a written response.  To see examples, click here .