ECON 496S: Honors Seminar II Research Workshop

SYNOPSIS: This is the second semester of the 495-496 Honors Seminar Research Workshop sequence. Students are enrolled in the Honors Program of the Department of Economics. The Honors Program was created to provide economics majors with the opportunity to delve deeply into an intellectual interest they have developed while at Duke and engage in a meaningful, sustained research project. The capstone of this program is a research paper — the honors thesis — completed during the senior year of the economics major. It represents a degree of research and critical thinking sufficiently complex and sophisticated to require two to three semesters’ worth of work.

READER REQUIREMENTS: Readers should have an economics background and a general interest in topics in economics.

WRITING ASSIGNMENTS: Students are writing individual research papers that may be published in an economics journal.

INSTRUCTOR SUGGESTIONS FOR READERS: Readers should consider the following questions:

What is the writer’s position (thesis)? Is that position clearly communicated? What evidence does the writer provide to her/his position? Is the evidence persuasive, specific enough, well-documented (cited)? Does the evidence match the point being made? How is the piece of writing organized? Does the writer follow a logical sequence to guide the reader through the reasoning? Are there transitions and other organizational cues, like headings and subheadings?