DukeEngage Summer 2017 Blogs

This summer we’re excited to be sending readers to 21 different DukeEngage group blogs as well as numerous Independent Project blogs! They’re all public, so we encourage you to read whatever interests you, and please feel free to comment on what our outstanding Duke students are up to this summer!

  • Independent Projects – a variety of projects from students around the world; the most diverse set of projects and places.

US sites:

  • Charlotte – Advocating for North Carolina children and their families through education, policy, and programs in active partnership with community members and Duke alumni.
  • Detroit – Assisting innovative social enterprises that are tackling the Motor City’s most pressing social and environmental problems to achieve increased effectiveness, sustainability, and scale of impact.
  • Durham NC, Durham UK – Comparing and contrasting approaches to community-based economic development through service partnerships with nonprofits and schools in two similar cities: Durham, NC and Durham, England.
  • Kauai – Collaborating with small community-based organizations to restore the ecological diversity and provide sustainably-grown food to communities on the North Shore of Kauai.
  • Miami – Empowering immigrant communities with a focus on social justice, policy, and program implementation.
  • Orange Co, CA – Empowering girls participating in Girls Inc. of OC summer programming by giving them tools to help navigate social, economic and gender barriers to help them to grow into healthy, confident adults, with a focus on personal development, health and STEM education.
  • San Francisco – During students’ two months in San Francisco, they will work in NGO/nonprofits focused on providing services (e.g., nutrition, temporary shelter, employment skills training, and health information) for homeless youth and other youth at risk
  • Seattle – Volunteering in the nonprofit sector with a variety of organizations focused on sustainability. We define sustainability as systems of issues facing the environment, society, and the economy. Seattle community partners often work at the intersection of at least two of the aforementioned themes.
  • Tucson – Exploring the root causes of migration from Central America through working with organizations in Chiapas, Mexico, and Tucson, Arizona, and through home-stays with local families.
  • Washington, DC – Drawing on what you have already learned at Duke and elsewhere, use that knowledge and your skills to improve a domain of national science policy, and to bring that experiential knowledge back to Duke to inform and enrich your academic and social service commitments.

International sites:

  • Chile – Participating in efforts to collect community input regarding this temperate forest region’s transition from logging to ecotourism; supporting conservation activities including limnology of glacial lakes, re-forestation of native trees, and location of endangered species.
  • China-Zhuhai – Partnering with a middle school to provide arts education and English lessons, creating an active and positive learning environment with a focus on creativity, leadership development, self-discovery, and personal growth.
  • Durham NC, Durham UK – Comparing and contrasting approaches to community-based economic development through service partnerships with nonprofits and schools in two similar cities: Durham, NC and Durham, England.
  • India, Ahmedabad – Participating in service-learning projects organized and operated by the nonprofit organization SAATH, based in Ahmedabad, India, dedicated to freeing deprived children of rural migrant families from the urban labor market, nourishing and educating them; providing profession-based skills to slum dwelling youth; assisting women of very low income families in acquiring financial independence.
  • India, Kochi – Assisting with community development, education, workshops and other activities ensuring equal opportunities for women, youth or people with disabilities in Southern India.
  • India-Kolkata – Working with nonprofit organizations dedicated to working with underserved youth and children with special needs: providing educational and life skills training.
  • Rwanda – Assisting with and documenting the efforts of four nonprofit organizations that are working for the betterment of the Rwandese people in the areas of public health, education, land reform, women’s rights and the well-being of children.
  • Serbia – Addressing issues related to human rights, post-conflict transformation and democratization processes, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups, including homeless people, refugees, and asylum seekers.
  • South Africa, Cape Town -Assisting social agencies seeking to improve life in townships, documenting the history of District Six during the Apartheid era, and promoting health and economic reform.
  • South Korea – Assisting with the educational goals and social adjustment of young North Korean refugees and migrant children of various ethnic and national backgrounds in South Korea.
  • Thailand – Developing and promoting environmental sustainability through broad-based coastal conservation efforts in Phang Nga.

Please feel free to contact me (Tasha) with questions and visit our FAQs page.