Summer 2016 Partner Blogs

This summer we’re excited to be sending readers to 15 different DukeEngage blogs! They are all public, so we encourage you to read wherever your interest takes you, and comment on what our outstanding Duke students are up to this summer!

  • Independent Projects – a variety of projects from students around the world; the most diverse set of projects and places

US sites:

  • Detroit – innovative social enterprises, most pressing social and environmental issues
  • Durham NC, Durham UK – Comparing and contrasting community economic development, nonprofits and schools in the US and UK
  • Miami – immigrant communities, social justice, policy, and program implementation
  • Portland – sustainability: environmental education, food, law, advocacy, policy, conservation, and urban planning.
  • San Francisco – youth who are homeless or at risk of discrimination, harassment, or familial rejection due to their sexual or gender identity to help them meet their basic needs for housing, food, and employment.
  • Washington, DC – health research and global health, national policy-making

International sites:

  • China-Beijing – school for migrant children, and other service projects related to migrant issues
  • China-Zhuhai – arts education and English lessons, middle school, focus on creativity, leadership development, and self-discovery and personal growth.
  • India-Kolkata – underserved youth and children with special needs: providing educational and life skills training
  • South Korea – educational goals and social adjustment of young North Korean refugees and other migrant children
  • Peru – indigenous rights, advocacy, and support, organizations in and around Cuzco
  • South Africa-Cape Town – social agencies: life in townships, documenting the history of District Six during the Apartheid era, and promoting health and economic reform.
  • Tanzania-LTP – photography-based literacy in schools; providing training and support for teachers involved in shaping a Literacy Through Photography program that reflects the Tanzanian curricula and educational priorities.
  • Turkey – conservation efforts, public awareness education, and research projects related to sea turtle protection.

Please feel free to contact me (Celia) with questions and visit our FAQs page.