RP Blogs

With the rise of free, easy-to-use blogging sites, instructors and educators are increasingly turning to blogs as a way for students to make their writing public beyond the confines of the classroom, internship, volunteer placement, etc.  Ideally, people with an interest in the topics will find these blogs and will then take the time to post comments. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed audience for student blogs, and most students actually receive few or no replies to the writing they post. In order to turn these opportunities into realities, we’re inviting Duke Reader Project volunteers to join the conversation on one of these blogs. Volunteers who sign on to one of these blogs will commit to follow the blog and to post comments in response to student entries a few times during the term.

It’s important to note that our blog readers won’t be interacting directly with students in the same way as our traditional Reader Project matches. When you read and post comments, you may or may not get a direct response. However, letting students see how thoughtful people with a genuine interest in their topic respond to what they write will make a meaningful contribution to their development as writers and thinkers.

If you’re a Duke faculty member and you’d like to add your course to our DRP Blog program, contact Cary Moskovitz at cmosk@duke.edu.