WRITING 101 : Preventing Vector-borne Disease

Course Information

Instructor: Prof. Cary Moskovitz

This course will begin with an emphasis on research skills focusing on how to locate the most relevant and useful sources. Then, using select principles of health science research and statistical data analysis, students will practice careful, skeptical reading as they draft and revise reviews of experimental research reports on recent research on mosquito and tick repellents. Finally, building on their own work and that of their classmates from the first half of the term, students will write scholarly scientific essays discussing some aspect of this research and its implications. Audiences for student writing will include both classmates and health-science professionals. Note: this course involves a considerable amount of collaborative work.

Student Writing Assignment

What are students writing? Review of journal article and commentary (scientific essay).
For whom? Health professionals.
Where would such writing typically be found? Health sciences periodical such as Nature, clinical journals
Why would someone usually read it? To get a thoughtful, scientifically informed, and up-to-date perspective on health science topics.

Readers needed: Health care scientists or practitioners with professional interest in insect-borne disease prevention.

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**Important Reader Project info for this course**
What Readers and Student partners need to know about the Reader Project. Includes information and suggestions on giving feedback.

Course Information
General information about Prof. Moskovitz’s writing courses.

Review Assignment
Description of the “Review” assignment, the first document the student will share with their Reader.

Commentary Assignment
Description of the “Commentary” assignment, the major essay that the student will share with their Reader.

Example Reader Feedback

WR 101 (Moskovitz) sample with feedback