PubPol 590S: The Great Recession

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Instructor: Prof. Nicholas Carnes

​In this advanced seminar, we will explore the economic, social, and political repercussions of the Late-2000s Recession. Our aim will be to understand (1) how the Recession has affected Americans from different walks of life, (2) why our policymaking institutions responded to the crisis the way they did, and (3) what the government’s response to the crises can teach policymakers who care about particular economic groups.

Student Writing Assignment

What are students writing? A policy memo.
For whom? Legislators, interest groups, other political stakeholders.
Where would such writing typically be found? A policy memo submitted to an interest group concerned about a particular economic constituency.
Why would someone usually read it? Legislators, policy advocates, and other political stakeholders often want hard data to inform their choices. When they need straightforward, reliable information about problems, possible solutions, and obstacles to implementation, they often turn to expert policy memos for guidance.

Reader requirements: Experience either in economic policy matters or issue advocacy in relation to economically vulnerable populations.

Feedback response questions:

Student – Reader Interactions

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