PSY 496: Distinction Thesis Workshop

Reader requirements: Graduate degree in psychology or neuroscience, ideally with research experience.

Course Information:

Instructor: Prof. Tobias Egner

Focus on completion and submission of Graduation with Distinction thesis in Psychology.

Student Writing Assignment:

What are students writing? Senior thesis for graduation with distinction–a journal article.
For whom? Experts in Psychology (any area) and Business related to psych/marketing.

Where would such writing typically be found? Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology.

Why would someone usually read it? People read journal articles in psychology to learn about current research in the field–either to inform their own research or to inform clinical practice.


Introductory Meeting: Schedule within two weeks of receiving partner’s contact information. Students, let your readers know your schedule for presentations.

Students give practice presentations of their research throughout semester. Students should practice their presentation with their reader before giving it in class. Please set your own schedule with readers as soon as you know!

  • Presentations start March 21st

Feedback response questions (things for the volunteers for this specific course to consider when reading student’s work):

  • Do you understand the research question?
  • Is it clear how this research fits in with prior research (shows a gap)?
  • Are there any gaps in the results and discussion? Does the logic of the paper make sense?

Example Reader Feedback:

PSY 497 IntroMethodsResults_Model