CHEM 311L: Physical Chemistry Laboratory


SYNOPSIS: Laboratory course with experiments designed to accompany the Chemistry 311 lecture. Topics emphasized are thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, and kinetics described from a microscopic point of view. Chemistry 311L should be taken concurrently with Chemistry 311 for students needing a second semester of physical chemistry lab for their major.

READER REQUIREMENTS: A basic knowledge of undergraduate physical chemistry, professionally invested science educators, lay readers with an interest in undergraduate science education. Ideal readers want to learn something new or review a topic about thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics, and kinetics.

WRITING ASSIGNMENTS: Student will write two formal pieces in this course patterned on typical journal format. The first assignments will be on an experiment conducted from a laboratory manual. The second assignment will be at the conclusion of their independent project and similar to pieces found in the Journal of Chemistry Education or the Journal of Physical Chemistry.


Please focus on the following:

  • Does the student clearly place his/her research in context?
  • Does the student use charts/graphs/illustrations clearly to demonstrate the setup and outcomes?
  • Does the discussion offer a compelling and clear explanation of the project?

INTRODUCTORY MEETING: Please schedule your introductory meeting as soon as possible after you have received the matching email. Find details for the introductory meeting